Come Before the King - Kevin Jonas - 1997

Kevin was the worship leader at Christ for the Nations in the early 90's, and he had left to become the pastor of Wyckoff Assembly of God, where he had once been the youth pastor. He was still writing songs, and wanted to continue recording, so we brought all of the gear and the musicians to New Jersey. We actually recorded at the Love of Jesus Church in Orange, because Kevin felt that his church auditorium was too small. We put together a great band of some of the same musicians and singers that played on CFNI projects, and it was a great night. I remember the church was in a very old building which had once been a Presbyterian or Anglican church, and the pews were the old-style, straight-back kind which were divided into sections. I wondered how this vibrant, Pentecostal church worked with this arrangement, but they seemed to manage. We did vocal overdubs in Kevin's garage, and I ran the long BRC cable into the studio so I could sing along on a few songs! We even got the Prestonwood Baptist Church choir involved on one song, the great hymn-like "Jesus, the Lamb of God Hath Bled". Since this project, Kevin has continued as pastor of Wyckoff Assembly, and the church is thriving.